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Travel+Leisure offers tips on "How to Fly Coach in Comfort"


November 7, 2011

Travel & Leisure has put together some great tips called "How to Fly Coach in Comfort," which really resonates with us since that's what our PamBee product is designed to do. You can check out the entire piece here.

Here are snippets that we thought were pretty insightful:

Choose your airline wisely
- "JetBlue offers a whopping 34 inches of “pitch” (airline-speak for legroom), compared with the standard 31 inches."
- "Southwest Airlines offers “more seat room in all its coach configurations than the major carriers,” says business travel expert Joe Brancatelli."

Pick your seats carefully
- "Check SeatGuru.com and SeatExpert.com. Seats to avoid: Any seat with its back against a bulkhead or in front of exit rows won’t recline fully."
- "Stuck in the middle? 'I’ll ask at the gate if there are any middle seats in between two people with the same last name,” says travel writer John DiScala, better known as Johnny Jet. They may well give up the aisle or window to sit together.'"

Check in online as early as possible
- "Airlines routinely oversell flights, and the first passengers to be involuntarily bumped from an overflowing flight are those who check in last."

Be smart about frequent-flier miles
- "Save up your miles not for a free ticket but to achieve 'elite status' on the frequent-flier program. This is your golden ticket to upgrades, priority boarding, and no-fee bookings of those prime exit rows, bulkheads, and other seats. Some airlines even waive checked-luggage fees. And of course, by becoming elite with one airline, you get the benefits on a whole family of carriers: One World, SkyTeam, and Star Alliance."

- "Little extras: 'Be friendly with everyone, especially the gate agents and flight attendants,' says Johnny Jet. 'Flight attendants notice such things and will go that extra mile to help make your flight more comfortable, even if it’s just slipping you an extra mini-packet of pretzels.'"







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