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Top passenger complaint: too many bags going through security


November 16, 2011

A U.S. Travel Association report came out today stating that the top complaint among airline passengers (72% surveyed) is people bringing too many carry-on bags through security.  

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) confirms it by saying that passengers carried on 59 million more bags in 2010 than in 2009.  The reason is because they are trying to avoid fees to check bags and are stuffing as much as they can into their carry-ons.  And the TSA says the number is expected to increase another 28 million more this year!

But don't expect airlines to get rid of charging for checked bags.  The airlines make $3.4 billion each year.  Without them, they would be operating at a loss, and these baggage fees are tax exempt for the airlines, saving them $255 million last year.

There's a cost to all of these bags going through security, though.  The TSA estimates that it costs them $260 million per year to screen these extra carry-ons.

For more details, check out the CBS video story here (plays after a 30-second commercial):

The U.S. Travel Association also reported today that four out of five air travelers reported that their top frustrations with flying was directly related to the checkpoint process:

    •    72.4 percent chose “people who bring too many carry-on bags through the security checkpoint”;
    •    68 percent chose “the wait time to clear the TSA checkpoint”;
    •    62.3 percent chose “having to remove shoes, belts and jackets at the TSA checkpoint”; and
    •    42.5 percent chose “TSA employees who are not friendly”.

For more information about the U.S. Travel Association's report, click here.


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