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Favorite foods in airports


December 6, 2011

I recently asked some family and friends who fly for a living what their favorite food is when they need to eat at airports.  In my unscientific poll, it was interesting that although we all "try" to make healthy choices at home, when stuck in an airport, comfort food is king.  Tops on the list:  Barbecue.

The number one BBQ choice among all airports was Austin's Salt Lick.

The next favorite was Cousin's BBQ at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport.

Also ranking high in the comfort food category was Potbelly's sandwiches at Chicago's Midway airport, with their "Wreck" and Italian meatball sandwich being top favorites.

Soup ranked next among these travelers who fly throughout the country, with Albuqurque's Comida Buena Deli and their famous green chili chicken soup being one of the top choices.

It was no surprise to see that Ivar's at the Seattle-Tacoma airport was a big fan favorite in the Pacific Northwest where craving fish is an automatic Pavlovian response.  Their fish & chips and seafood chowder were favorite dishes.

When I'm stuck in any airport because of weather delays, I try to be prepared by having healthy snacks in a Ziplock bag containing grapes, carrots, cherry tomatoes and Power bars.  It's not a bad option to have if you're trying to fight off the urge to indulge in a Big Mac, Whopper or Cinnabon that tantalize you in airports today.

What do you like to eat when you're stuck in an airport?


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